Friday, June 14, 2013

Saranac Kölsch

In the craft beer world German styles are always popular with brewers and breweries.  On style in particular that is great for the summer season is Kölsch, which is light body blonde ale from Köln Germany. Some versions can be medium hoped to lightly hoped. This Kölsch is Saranac’s take, 5.0% ABV, on the style. This Kölsch pours a golden straw color with barely any head. The head does fade quickly and leaves no lacing. I did however find tons of light streaming though the glass with huge amounts of carbonation bubbles. The carbonation doesn’t transfer into the taste, but we’ll get to that in just moment. The aroma on this Kölsch has a small spicy/pepper like scent and there is a slight hop aroma too. There is a bready note there that is slightly more assertive than the other aromas. Now the taste on this Kölsch, this has a nice crispness upfront with small light spicy/pepper like notes, and a nice bready note that really plays well the pepper like notes. Then there is a slight hop flavor, but not overly hoppy. This Kölsch is on the medium to lower side in the hop department. The mouth feel is medium and crisp.  Saranac Kölsch does finish clean and refreshing. The aftertaste is slightly hoppy with a bit of a bready note. I am a fan of the Kölsch style, and this on is getting a B+ here. This beer needs the slightest tweaking on the balance between the bready malts and the hops to get to be better for me. But I did enjoy this beer, and I think it’s a good version of the Kölsch style. I would recommend this beer for the summertime. It was good, but doesn’t need a lot to make it the best. Try Saranac Kölsch and see for yourself! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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