Monday, October 12, 2015

Caldera Brewing Company Ashland Amber

I haven’t really had too much amber ale, not to say I don’t like that style or that I find it to be bad. I find them to be average to good. It is a fairly common style of beer. You can find amber ale quite easily. Caldera in Ashland Oregon brews Ashland Amber Ale, 5.6% ABV, which comes in a greenish can. Ashland Amber pours a lighter amber color with a sort of off white two finger head; it has more of a tan tint to it. The   head dissipates kind of slowly leaving not very much behind. The aroma is slightly malted with a bit of a cracker like aroma. Ashland has a nice smooth taste of that same malt and cracker you get on the aroma. Not much really going on otherwise with the taste of this Amber. The mouth feel is light to somewhat medium and has a smooth drinkable finish. The aftertaste is plain with a bit of smooth tasting malt. I found this to be okay but a little on the boring side, not real boring but not exacting either. I found this Ashland Amber to be a C+ beer, slight above average. The can is colorful and cool look but that isn’t what makes a great beer. I will say that Ashland Amber is drinkable and a bit refreshing. So try Caldera Brewing Company Ashland Amber for yourself and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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