Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big Boss Brewing Co. Root Beer Stout

There is trend going around in craft beer and it is taking off. That trend is hard root beer, which is beer made to taste like actual root beer with alcohol or just root beer with alcohol. Big Boss in Raleigh North Carolina has gotten in on this trend with a Limited Release Root Beer Stout, 6.75% ABV. Only 200 cases made.  Big Boss Root Beer Stout pours a black cola like color with a dark tan to a lighter brown colored head that is medium sized but fades away quickly in a rush of bubbles. The aroma is very much like a root beer. There is nice vanilla and bitter chocolate on the nose. This has great root beer smell.  The taste is more beer than soda like some of the other beer root beers out there. There is nice vanilla and hints of bitter chocolate with faint sweet roasted noted but the sweet vanilla does fade out a bit to quick. This is more beer than syrupy soda tasting. The mouth feel is medium and it finish sweet with nice faint bitter chocolate notes. The after taste is not as sweet as you get on the initial taste but more faint but still a good after taste. Big Boss did a good job with this jump into the new trend. So I give it an A-. I like the sweet vanilla that is there at first but it fades away to quickly for me. But what I did taste was good. That is the only downside to this Big Boss Root Beer Stout. I love how it is more of a beer than soda. That is a big plus, and it not overly sweet like some of the ‘hard root beers’ out there. I would recommend trying this. You should try this with a few other ‘hard root beers’ and compare them. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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