Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brasserie La Baleine La Picaro

Having beer that you can’t normally get in you’re on country is great but you sometimes have to travel far to try those beer. Getting them through other people, family, or friends is even better. Now I haven’t really had too much French beer, and they aren’t really know as country for good beer. France is a huge wine making country. But yes they do produce beer. Brasserie La Baleine or The Whale Brewery, is a microbrewery in Paris France. This is La Picaro, 5.0% ABV, which is an unfiltered Witbeir, brewed with four different malts of cereal. La Picaro pours a cloudy and hazy yellowish gold color with a thin but bright white foam on top that face into a white halo leaving behind a thin white glazing in the glass as you drink it down. The aroma is much like you would expect on a wit, with a nice aroma of fresh green apples and a bit of yeast around good wheat flavors. La Picaro has again what you’d expect from a wit with subtle green apple and hints of a faint yeast note. Nothing is over the top on this beer, but good. This French wit has a nice soft finish of wheat and little yeast and the apple faded a lot at this point. The after taste is nice with a little fruity flavor that fades quickly before the next sip. La Picaro is good but just a B good. The lemon flavor isn’t there so that is holding it back some, and that is what you really want with a witbier. But the wheat flavor is a little on the weak side but not bad. I enjoyed Brasserie La Baleine La Picaro and I might have this again if I can. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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