Sunday, April 3, 2016

DuClaw Brewing Co. Quick Start My Heart Strawberry Milk Stout

There is no milk in milk stout nor is milk brewed into milk stout. Milk Stout, which is similar to sweet stouts, uses unfermentable sugars or lactose sugar.  Brewers add the lactose sugars to the brew kettle to add some body and sweetness. I like a good milk stout. Declaw in Baltimore Maryland brews Quick Start My Heart Strawberry Milk Stout, 6.8% ABV. Quick Start My Heart pours a black color with a thick beige head that fades evenly and at steady pace. This Milk Stout has a strawberry Nesquik aroma with a light roasted note. Strawberry on this smells artificial. The taste isn’t really that sweet it more of an artificial sweetness, and there is a nice roasted chocolate flavor there but it’s just average at best. You don’t really get much sweetness till the end and it is real faint there. The mouth feel is medium here. Now the finish is a little different from the rest, it’s a little sweet then it the first sip and there is more of the artificial strawberry there.  After taste fade really quickly, but what I got was more artificial strawberry with faint sweetness. This beer was a total let down, D- of a let down.  I would not have this again ever, and I do not recommend this either. The beer wasn’t sweet enough, but it doesn’t have to overly sweet, and the strawberry flavor was like the strawberry syrup you get in the squeeze bottle. Nothing that I tasted was good or as advertised on the bottle. So don’t go for DuClaw Brewing Co. Quick Start My Heart Strawberry Milk Stout. I recommend Duck Rabbit Brewery Milk Stout and Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout (nitro and non nitro) Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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