Saturday, April 16, 2016

Flying Dog Brewery Brewhouse Rarities Cold Press Coffee Porter

I just love coffee porters and stouts especially when they are brewed right. The other day I got my hands on a Flying Dog Brewery beer via Brewpublik ( This is from their Brewhouse Rarities, Cold Press Coffee Porter 6.0% ABV. Brew Dog is located in Fredrick Maryland. This beer is collaboration with beanrushcafe. Cold Press Coffee Porter pours a deep black color with a thick and tall deep beige head that is creamy and does stick around for a while. The aroma is like a freshly brewed pot of rich coffee. The aroma on this beer is amazing! The taste is just as amazing. It is like I am drinking rich cold coffee. There is a nice roasted note with a faint yet subtle sweetness. The sweetness comes in let you know it there and two seconds later is fades out as the coffee roast washes over your mouth. The mouth feel is rich and medium with a pleasant coffee finish. The after taste is coffee that will make you want another sip and then another. It is good and this beer gets an A+. This is darn good and it is exactly what the bottle say is it. I loved it and I highly recommend that you try Flying Dog Brewery Brewhouse Rarities Cold press Coffee Porter. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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