Tuesday, January 17, 2017

21st Amendment Brewery Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout

Stouts come in many sub styles each with it’s own flavor and taste, like imperial stouts, Belgian stouts, English, American, dry, oyster, and fruit stouts. They are all dark beer and have some similar qualities. 21st Amendment Brewing in San Francisco brews Marooned on Hog Island, 7.9% ABV and is brewed with Hog Island Oyster shells. Oyster Stouts are a drier type of stout but aren’t the driest type of beer. Marooned on Hog Island pours a black/deep brown color with a three finger beige head that leave behind nice decent lacing. The aroma is roasted with coco, bits of chocolate and the faintest/tiniest saline note.  Taste is similar to the aroma with a faint semi sweetness that comes in and then goes in an instant. There aren’t much saline flavors to it but does shine through at the end as this beer warms. I also found the roasted note to be a bit fainter than you it is on the aroma. The mouth feel is full and Marooned on Hog Island finish with a faint saline like note that fades and then the after taste of roasted coco/chocolate that doesn’t stay. This Marooned on Hog Island is a good beer but I’d like to have more from the added oyster shells. I give this Stout a B-. Not to bad but not really what I was hoping for but off by just a little. 21st Amendment is a great brewery they make a great summer beer, Hell or High watermelon, and they’re no longer in production Bitter American was fabulous, so I know they can brew great beer Marooned on Hog Island was close, but not close enough. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

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