Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pivovar Prevov Żubr

It is hard to try all the beer of the world. You can just go down to your local beer store and find every beer of every country represented. Some might not even make it into your country where as some do. So you might have do travel the globe to try al the beers of the world. I have here one beer from Poland, Pivovar Prevov Żubr, 6% ABV. Żubr is a Eurpean Bison. I don’t know much about that animal, but if a Polish brewer named a beer after it then it must live in or near Poland. Żubr is a Lager, and pours a nice golden color with a creamy three finger white head that sticks around for a long while leaving behind great white lacing that is there till no beer is left in your glass. The aroma is a little sweet with a sweet corn note and a little slight metallic sent. Taste is nice and crisp with a slight sweet corn flavor alone with a mildly faint biscuit flavor. Żubr finishes clean crisp with a sharpness that leads in to a semi sweet after taste that fades quickly. The mouth feel is light yet crisp with a refreshing quality. Żubr is good but not the best, but so close, it’s an A-. The flavor it just the tiniest bit sweet. Just a pinch more of some malts and it would be perfect. I really like this and recommend Pivovar Prevov Żubr if you ever come across it. I am glad I did! Cheers! Please Enjoy responsibly!  

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