Monday, January 30, 2017

Fullsteam Brewery Carver Sweet Potato Lager

Now you probably know that you can pretty much brew beer with all types of things along with hops, malt, water and barley. Some things make of a good tasty beer was other make for not so tasty beer. I mean everything should be brewed into a beer. Here is Fullsteam Brewery Carver Sweet Potato Lager, 5.3% ABV. This beer comes out of Durham North Carolina and is brewed with 200 pounds of North Carolina Sweet Potatoes. Carver pours a deep orange color with a one finger thin white head the fizzes away rather quickly with no traces of itself left behind. Carver has a bit of a strange aroma; there is a real faint lager scent with a funny semi-sweetness there. Not really getting any sweet potato on the nose. Taste is first cloyingly sweet for a moment, then the lager flavor come into the mix with a slight semi-crispness that quickly gives way to a yam like sweet flavor. There is a little sour note to it as well. The mouth feel is medium with a yam like finish and an after taste of fake and faint sweet lager. I am now no that I don’t like yam, sweet potato, squash, or pumpkin beer, and this Fullsteam Carver Sweet Potato Lager gets a D-. This is one of those thing in which I do not think should be brewed in to a beer. I really sweet potatoes but I don’t need them in a beer, certainly not this one for sure. Don’t try this one! Fullsteam makes plenty of good beers, which makes me wonder why this one isn’t great. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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