Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pécsi Sörfõzde Pécsi Sör Premium Lager

The United States is a big place with lots of people, people from all over. With airplanes and boats and other intercontinental transportation not every beer in the world is imported into the US. That can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on what beer is being imported in. I’ve never had Hungarian beer, till I was given Pécsi Sörfōzde Pécsi Sör Premium Lager, 5% ABV for a Christmas present. This beer is brewed in the city of Pécsi. Pécsi Sörfōzde is a rather sizable brewing company. Pécsi Sör Premium Lager pours a deeper copper color with a rather large three finger white fluffy white head that leaves behind some good lacing, and there are plenty of carbonation bubbles racing towards the big white head. The aroma is at first much like a lager should smell like but if you take a bit of a longer sniff you get a slight malty note with a faint biscuit note. Taste on Pécsi Sör Premium Lager is clean crisp with some sharpness and semi sweetness and a nice creamy affair on the back. The mouth feel is medium and somewhat creamy feel. Pécsi Sör Premium Lager finishes crisply with a nice clean sweetness that fades into a nice faded after taste that is still crisp and a bit creamy. This was a great Hungarian Lager beer, so Pécsi Sör Premium Lager is an A+. Most of the common of national beers in Europe are much better than their counterparts here in the US. I never understand why that is, and can you really say that the common American beers are American, well they are owned by either South Africans or Belgians. Anyhow Pécsi Sörfōzde Pécsi Sör Premium Lager is a beer that you need to try if you ever have the chance too. I highly recommend that you do. I am glad I did! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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