Friday, January 6, 2017

Nickelpoint Brewing Co. Vienna Lager

It’s cool to search out and find new breweries, especially local ones. This is Vienna Lager, 5.1% ABV, from Nickelpoint Brewing Co. in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have been brewing since 2014 with two brothers who began brewing in their basement. This Vienna Lager pours a copper, amber color with a one half finger beige head that quickly fizzles away leaving nothing behind. The aroma is semi sweet aroma with a deep malt scent along the semi sweetness. Taste is good with nice semi sweetness and some crisp lager flavor. The mouth feel is lighter with some crispness. Vienna Lager finishes clean with a nice subtle sweetness with touches of a hop flavor. The after taste is clean with some faint sweetness and a little hoppy note. This is a good drinkable Vienna Lager, a B+. This beer is good but tends to get a little less as it warms but nothing terrible. This is the first Nickelpoint Brewing Co. beer I’ve had and it’s not a bad brewery, glad I found a new brewery, and cool that it’s local in NC. Good Vienna Lager. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly    

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