Thursday, December 29, 2016

Corsendonk Chrismas Ale

Christmas or holiday beers are a staple among most beer breweries. But there isn’t a real Christmas style. That is up for each brewer’s interruption. A lot of them have similarities, and have Christmas flavors. This is Corsendonk Christmas Ale, 8.5% ABV, brewed and bottled by Brewery Du Bocq for Brewery Corsendonk in Turhout Belgium, which is in between Antwerp and Eindhoven. Corsendonk Christmas Ale pours a medium brown with tan edges with a one half finger beige head that slow dissolves into the center of the beer. The aroma is filled with dark fruits like raisins, figs, plums and some slight cinnamon and brown sugar. Corsendonk Christmas Ale has a similar taste as the aroma with figs, plums, raisins with brown sugar and cinnamon and nice underlying booze that warms you bit as it pass through. The mouth feel is full with a nice sweet finish and a less sweet but boozy after taste with hint of dark fruits. Corsendonk Christmas Ale is an A-. This is good but the over all flavor doesn’t have that sharpness like a Chimay Blue but it’s pretty close. This Corsendonk Christmas Ale is something that you should get your hands on and try. It does come in both 750ml (24oz) and 330ml (12oz). Either way is good, you’ll like it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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