Thursday, December 15, 2016

Foothills Brewing Hop of the Month Simcoe Double IPA

Here is the last installment of Foothills Brewing Hop of the Month. This is Simcoe Double IPA, 8.4% ABV and 87 IBUs (International Bittering Units). Simcoe is well known to Foothills fans, it’s the primary hop in their Flagship IPA, Hoppyum. Simcoe hops are like Cascade Hops but more bitter. Simcoe Double IPA pours a dark orange copper color with a big white three finger head that slowly dissipates into wonderfully thick lacing. The aroma is like a grapefruit candy with resinous earthy piney notes and some woody muskiness. Taste is a wonderful piney grapefruit with a nice strong earthy bitterness. I got a little faint sweetness, a citrus like sweetness with a hint of a pine flavor. The mouth feel is medium with a nice bitter piney fruit finish and a bitter yet earthy wooded aftertaste. This is a great finish to Foothills Brewing Hop of the Month series, and I Simcoe Double IPA gets an A+. Really a solid double IPA without being so overwhelmingly hop forward and bitter. There are enough hops and bitterness to let you know it’s a double IPA. I don’t know if there are going to continue this serious next year. But I have talked to a few beer shops and they say that Foothills 2016 Hop of the Month series has not been a good sell for them like Foothills 2015 IPA of the month. To be completely honest here last years IPA of the month was better overall than this year’s Hop of the Month. It just that this years Hop of the Month sound more interesting that just a different IPA every month. But IPAs are one of the, if not the most popular beer styles. So that maybe why Hop of the Month isn’t selling as well as the IPA of the Month. I do recommend having Foothills Hop of the Month Simcoe Double IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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