Friday, December 9, 2016

Raleigh Brewing Dear Ol' Dixie Pale Ale

I think that sometimes Pale Ales get overlooked because India Pale Ales are so widely popular among craft beer drinkers. But they are just as good as IPAs in my opinion and are a good starting point for a person who wants to get into IPAs. Pale Ales are like IPAs, just a ligher version. Raleigh Brewing in Raleigh North Carolina brews Dear Ol’ Dixie Pale Ale, 5.6% ABV. Dear Ol’ Dixie pours a nice light copper color with a three finger blooming head that kind of slow to dissipates, and does so into some decent but chunky lacing. The aroma is like fresh pine needles with hints of some earthy notes and fruits like mango, faint tangerines, and peaches. It smells really big on the nose with this beer. Taste is similar to the aroma with lots of earth pine but sweeter type pine and some hints of tangerine. The mouth feel is on the fuller side of medium with a nice semi-sweet pine finishes and a malted pine tangerine aftertaste that linger for a minuet and then fades allowing the cycle of flavors to begin a new. This is not a bad beer but it is a little too piney, so I give Raleigh Brewing Dear Ol’ Dixie Pale Ale a B-. A good taste but took the pine flavor one step to far to make great pale ale. I liked the combo of pine and fruitiness on this beer. That was a cool touch. I would recommend this beer but don’t go buying a six-pack of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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