Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Abita Brewing Company Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer

Tends come and go some go quicker than others. But one that I thought would be here long than it did is the hard soda, especially all those hard root beers. They seem like a novelty or just sweet soda with alcohol. Some beer drinkers don’t seem them as something worth having. I kind of like them. Here is another hard root beer, this comes from Abita Brewing Company in Abita Spring Louisiana, Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer, 5.9% ABV.  Bayou Bootlegger is brewed with pure Louisiana Cane Sugar and it’s Gluten-free. Bayou Bootlegger Pours a deep black color with dark brown edges and a one half finger of fizzy off white head that quick disintegrates into a thin halo. The aroma is muck like a root beer, with vanilla, sassafras, some hints of faint clove and anise. Now the taste is not much like a root beer except for some vanilla with bits of a spicy note in the middle and the end. This is more like a vanilla coke, with slightly less vanilla flavor. The mouth feel is medium but on the higher side of that with a spiced, semi sweet finish and a vanilla Coke like finish. Over this is so bad, but I will say that Not Your Fathers Root Beer is a better choice. So with that said I give Abita Brewing Company Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer a C grade. This hard root beer starts are pretty good then just turns into something different, vanilla Coke like. Vanilla Coke is not bad; I just don’t want my hard root beer to taste like one. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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