Monday, December 19, 2016

Grand Teton Brewing Amber Mountain Brewed Ale

I have not heard much about Grand Teton Brewing in Victor Idaho, nor have I had much of their beers. I don't think a lot of their beers are in North Carolina, I have seen much of them. This their Amber Ale, 4.7% ABV, which is brewed with Idaho 2-Row Pale Malted Barley, German CaraAmber and CaraMunich. They use Idaho Cascade and Super Galena Hops as well. Amber Ale pours a slightly dark amber color with slightly off white head one finger head that quickly fizzes into a small halo, and not much lacing or any lacing is left behind. The aroma is subtly sweet and malty with a faint hint of caramel that's like it's hiding in the back. Taste on Amber Ale is slightly sweet up front with a faint hint of the hiding caramel. I found a bit of sweet orange taste on the end. The mouth feel is medium and this Amber Ale finishes sweet and somewhat smooth with a hint of malt and caramel. The after taste is not there for long, but just long enough to get a taste of a nice thicket of malt and slight caramel before it quickly fades out. This beer doesn't have enough going on for it to be a good solid beer, I give it a C+. The flavor it does have is good but not the best, just one step above average. This Amber Ale isn't something I would recommend. It's not the worst beer to have. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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