Monday, December 19, 2016

Coronado Brewing Co. Snowy Plover Winter India Pale Ale

IPA's are everywhere and in every season of the year. Spring summer, fall, winter you name it. That's because they are very popular. This is Coronado Brewing Co. Snowy Plover Winter India Pale Ale, 6.0% ABV. Snowy Plover is a small short San Diego shorebird that flies in and out of the waves. Snowy Plover is brewed with caramel malts. Snowy Plover pours a slight red color with a two and half finger off white head that slowly dissipates into some decent sticky lacing. The aroma is malty with  subtle sweet notes and a nice bright piney citrus scent. Taste on Snowy Plover has more of a malt backbone than a normal or traditional IPA, and there is a nice bright piney yet citrusy note right in the middle and on the end, The mouth feel is medium with a nice hoppy/malty finish that sends you down to a nice semi sweet after taste with hints of nice citrus. This is not a bad beer; Snowy Plover is pretty good in fact, I would give this a B-. It needs a little more citrus flavor to make it better. It is a good winter IPA with a decent malt bill to keep a nice balance with the other more traditional IPA flavors. I would kind of recommend Coronado Brewing Co. Snowy Plover Winter IPA But if you miss it, it's okay. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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