Thursday, May 25, 2017

Boulevard Brewing Co. Show-Me Sour Barrel Age Ale

I like the idea of barrel aging beer, it can add complexity to a beer with new and inviting flavors, but it can be the opposite end as well, turning out to be not so good. Boulevard Brewing Co in Kansas City Missouri, Show-Me Sour Barrel Age Ale, 4.3%, is aged in Whiskey Barrels for a short time, for how long? They just say a short time. I’m thinking six months to year if I had to guess. This sour beer is blended back, with fresh beer after aging. Show-Me Sour pours a deep black color with dark brown edges and a little cap of white bubbly foam on top that fades into a white halo.  Aroma is a big grape notes with some bits of light smoked whisky. Taste is pretty grapey and slightly sour up front and in the middle with a little whisky notes on the back. The taste is more grape than anything else. Mouth-feel is thin and medium with a weird whiskey grape sour finish that is pretty much the same on the after taste with some tartness there. I though this beer was going to be more the just whiskey and grape/sour grape, and give Boulevard Brewing Co. Show-Me Sour Barrel Age Ale a D. This beer smelled and tasted one sided and was thin tasting and have not much complexity I was hoping. This beer was a let down. One thing it did have going for it was it was easy to drink, as I was drinking it I though this beer is a push over. I am not a huge fan of grape juice flavors especially in a beer. Grape doesn’t go well in beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

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