Monday, May 29, 2017

The Sugar Creek Company and Reids Fine Foods Beer Dinner

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Last week I spotted on Facebook that The Sugar Creek Brewing Company and Reid’s Fine Foods was going to have a four-course dinner plus dessert and each course was paired with a different beer. I went for it cause the food looked really tasty, as did the beer. First course was chilled raspberry chamomile soup, citrus coriander crème frache, mint paired with Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale, 4,4% ABV. These two paired well because of the main ingredients of raspberry, and were both light tasting and very refreshing. Think of Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale as a craft version of Hoegaarden with raspberry. That beer need to be canned, it a warm weather drinking beer for sure. Second course, fried oyster, arugula, radish, cucumber, pickled onion, pistachio, and goat cheese, roasted shallot vinaigrette paired Sugar Creek Saison 6.6% ABV, this was the one beer of the night that wasn’t bottled. The fried oysters where amazing, I haven’t had fried oysters like that and the batter played well with the complex funky flavors in the oyster as well as the bitterness in the radish. Saison are good beers to pair with a hearty salad. Third Course, charred octopus, chorizo, confit purple potatoes, harass (a hot chili pepper paste) but was mild at best. This was paired with Atmosphera Tripel, 9.7% ABV the highest ABV beer of the night. That beer was dangerous! It was very flavorful and effervescent and if not for the high ABV would be drinkable, it was a beer that you want to keep going back for had a slight banana flavor to it. Paired well with the roasted notes in the octopus and it spices.  Third Course, sticky pork belly, crispy rice, Brussels sprout kimchi, embered vegetables, benne paired with Sugar Creek Dubbel, 6.6% ABV. This was more of Korean style dish but a southern American take and the pork belly (tasty thick fancy bacon) was excellent with the Belgian style Dubbel. I always think Belgian Dubbel taste like they should pair well with hearty meat of some kind. Well they did just that, and it was great. For dessert, Espresso Beignets (French style donuts), dark chocolate sauce, paired with Sugar Creek Mocha Java Porter, 5.2% ABV. If you aren’t deep into craft beer then you are probably think why dark beer with a sweet dessert and the best way to describe it is for you to have a sweeter style porter with a dessert and you will understand. Now the coffee flavors of the porter played nice with the espresso Beignets and the chocolate sauce. This was a $55.00 affair. All courses and beers were wonderful; well the entire dinner was wonderful and great job by both Reid’s and The Sugar Creek Brewer. This was an A+ experience. I would do this again and will! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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