Saturday, May 20, 2017

Red Hare Brewing Company Ain't that a Peach Berliner Weisse

My favorite fruit is a peach and I love pretty much anything with peaches in it. Well here I have Red Hare Brewing Company Ain’t that a Peach Beriner Weisse, 3.9% ABV. Red Hare is down in Marietta Georgia, which is near to Atlanta. Red Hare has I guess you could say a mascot, a red hare (rabbit), which he/she can be found on their labels. I would think the hare might be a male just cause the hare is illustrated more masculine. Ain’t that a Peach Beriner Weisse pours a kind of cloudy semi deep yellow color with no head, there was a little fizzy top for a second but nothing to write home about. The aroma is very peachy, smells like fresh peaches, with some nice wheat notes. Taste is pretty much what you read on the can, peachy, but there is a nice hint of some wheat coming through around that big peach flavor, and upfront it’s nicely tart with a big effervescent and in the back of the mouth the tartness is more pronounced, or stronger. The mouth feel is somewhat medium with very light fullness in the end as it warms up. Ain’t that a Peach Beriner Weisse finishes with a nice refreshing flavor of nice peach and wheat, after taste is tart as is the finish with peaches and more effervescent bubbles. This beer feels like it has extra carbonation to it which might be from the peaches and Berliner Weisse mixing together. Berliner Weisses tend to feel more carbonated but they aren’t really that way, it's just how they feel on your tongue. Well Red Hare Brewing Company Ain’t that a Peach Beriner Weisse get a B-. I liked all the peach flavor but that held the base Berliner Weisse beer back from coming through more and it had an extra carbonated feel to it which was somewhat fine, but not great. It felt too fizzy. I will say that it’s refreshing and easy to drink especially on a hot day, by the pool, at a picnic, on the golf course, after yard work, you know things like that. Ain’t that a Peach Beriner Weisse may draw myself back to it, maybe. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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