Sunday, March 25, 2012

Abita Abbey Ale

When you here or see Abbey ales that means the beer is in the tradition of monks who perfected the art of brewing beer to support the monastery and the brothers with their "liquid bread". This is beer is a Dubbel, at 8% abv. For every bottle of this Abbey Abita sells 25 cents goes to St. Joseph's Abbey. This Dubbel pours a dark amber color with a slight tan head. There is the aroma of carmel with fruit and cloves. That scent is very true to this style of beer. I find it to be a nice pleasant aroma. Abita top-frements and bottle ages this. Abita Abbey has a nice malty taste to go right along with the carmel and the slight clove flavors. The flavors all have that strongness to them. But I find the aftertaste to be less than good, I do not think Belgian yeast is used here. So it is not as good as other Belgian Dubbels. I would say that this is half as good as others. I did not hate or dislike this Abbey Ale. I really think that Abita tried to do the best they could and came out with something that could use more work and fine tuning to get it as good or better then some of the great Abbey Ales and/or Dubbels out there. Would I try this again? Well yes but I am not dying to have it as soon as possible. It was okay in my book. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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