Sunday, March 25, 2012

Abita SOS (Save Our Shore)

This was a part of a New Orleans souvenir. Not such an easy find here in North Carolina, but it is here, not everyone here. SOS or Save Our Shore is an unfiltered wiezen pilsner, 7% abv. Abita was brewed and to be sold with the recent gulf oil spill in mind, what I mean is that for every bottle of  SOS that is sold 75 cents goes to restoring that oil soaked area. That is very kind and thoughtful of them. Well good for them, okay moving on to the beer aspect of SOS. This brew pours a nice brilliant gold color with a nice medium white head. Looks very nice and tasty. But do not judge this guy on his looks or any beer for that mater. This SOS has a scent of sweetness that very powerful or overwhelming on your nose, but the overall aroma is pleasant. Now the taste is good but not for a weizen pils. It's good as a beer. SOS as a nice bitterness that is not what I would expect for this type of pils. There is a sweet malt taste at first, then the bitterness, but not over bitter. The aftertaste on this is a little more bitter that before. This is a good beer just not a good weizen pilsner. I find that all the flavors in this beer are good but when they are called a weizen pils it becomes a little less. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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