Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Holland Envious 2011

This is a beer of many different taste. Envious is brewed with pear juice, raspberries and aged on oak. Well I thought that sounded good. Well I was wrong. This pours a deep dark brown with a very thin beige color. It has a strong smokey coffee scent that is not as good as you'd think. I did not like that. This brew has that coffee taste with a fruity undertone that is slightly okay, but not great,  which is followed by a strong smokey bitterness that is not good at all. Kind of gross if you ask me. Envious has a faint smokey yet strong bitterness that make lose it creditably quick. This beer reminds me of rotten fruit and bad smoked meat. I think they were trying to hard to make an interesting beer and it backfired on them. Hey give up! This is no good and should not be had. I do think you should find something else to try. There is to many flavor that do not go well with on another and on top of that the aging on oak makes it just really bad. So stay away from this and you'll be okay. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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