Saturday, March 3, 2012

SweetWater Blue

Yes this is a brewery down in Atlanta, Ga. I have heard of this brewery and was curious about they're beers so I tried this one, they're wheat ale, which has blueberries brewed in. Blue is a 4.6 abv beer. This beer pours a nice yellowish orange color with a nice bright white head. There are lots of wheaty scents on this beer mixed with sweet blueberries. This blueberry wheat has that good wheat taste that is followed by sweet, tart blueberries. The taste is very blueberry, good sweet, tart, and crisp. The finish and after taste is crisp with a faint blueberry taste that is still good. Over all I like this beer. I am a big fan of wheat beer and fruity wheat beers. This is good, and would beer great on a hot day. When you have this one its a good wheat taste with a surprising great blueberry taste. Blue is now one of my favorite wheat beers. This is getting an A from me. SweetWater Blue does not make me blue, but very happy that I am drinking this! Cheers! Please drink Responsibly!

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