Saturday, March 31, 2012

Newcastle Founders' Ale

Here is a limited offering form newcastle, which is offered in the spring. This is a pale ale in the English tradition. It's cleverly called Founders' Ale, which is to pay homage to the brewery founders. Isn't that nice of them. This pale ale is 4.8% abv. Founders' pours a simi dark gold color with a medium white head. This Newcaste brew has a dry hoppy aroma like a wild flower or grassy greenery. It's reminds me of late spring time. The taste is a dry hoppy flavor with a sweetness rather that a bitterness. But it is not overly sweet, just enough sweetness. The taste is all refreshing clean and crisp. This is rather drinkable. The aftertaste is just as clean and crisp with a hit of sweet malt, but it's very faint on you taste buds. This beer is a good refreshing drinkable beer that would go well after some hard laboring in the yard or washing the car. Yes this is a very refreshing brew. Makes a warm spring day better. I am beer makes any day better, I am right? Yeah I like this, but then again I like all of Newcastle's offerings. The entire line up is wonderful, taste ans oh so great. This just seals the deal. This is not like most pale ales out there. I think its better, it has a wider appeal towards the beer dinker. You too should get this and give it a big try, you'll love it! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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