Monday, January 5, 2015

21st Amendment Brewery Sneak Attack Saison

This time of year seasonal beer are usually darker wintery beers, but not according to the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco California. One of their winter seasonal beers is a Saison (farmhouse ale), which you would normally see in spring or summertime.  21st Amendment beers only come in cans that are adorned with cool art. This 21st Amendment beer is Sneak Attack Saison 6.2% ABV and 38 IBUs. This Sneak Attack is Farmhouse Ale brewed with Cardamom. Sneak Attack pours a light copper color with a three finger white head that stick around before slowly fading away into some nice light whips of lacing. I found good amounts of light coming through the glass with nice carbonation bubbles. The aroma on Sneak Attack is a little semi-sweet with big yeasty notes and a tiny touch of fruitiness. The taste of Sneak Attack is pretty much what you get on the aroma. There is a slight fruity taste up front that is apple like and then you get a yeast flavor that is a tad bit chalky with a little spiced note wheat note, but its not cardamom spice that you are tasting, I never found where cardamom is in all the flavors. But as Sneak Attack warms the chalky flavor subsides a bit and the beers becomes just a bit smoother. The mouth feel is medium with a yeasty wheat finish with an after taste of a bright spicy flavor with hints of a fruity note. I like 21st Amendment but this was not what I was used to in a Saison and I found it to be a little off the mark, so I would give 21st Amendment Brewery Sneak Attack Saison a C-. I would say that the chalky flavors I found in this really let this beer down. I have had some of the best Saison beer out there so this is not anywhere close to this. It’s not great, but close to bad, and not something I would pour out. I just wouldn’t have Sneak Attack again. I found the can to be pretty cool and that is a small part of why I picked this beer up. I don’t think you should try 21st Amendment Brewery Sneak Attack Saison. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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