Saturday, January 24, 2015

Narragansett/Revival Brewing Co. Lovecraft Honey Ale

I found this Narragansett beer can to be an interesting looking can and the beer sounded a little interesting too. So I picked one up. This is Narragansett Lovecraft Honey Ale, 7.0% ABV and Narragansett collaborated with Revival Brewing Co. This is part of the Lovecraft series of beers that is named after the Rhode Island author H.P. Lovecraft and his now known as the father of modern horror. Artist from Steven King, to Neil Gaiman, Metallica, and Guillermo Del Toro cite him as a direct influence. Lovecraft Honey Ale is brewed with five pale malts including honey. This beer is more like an IPA. Lovecraft Honey Ale pours a deep copper color with a fluffy four finger white head that slow dissipates into some nice lacing in the glass but not a lot. I found there to be some light coming through but just a little and there is a decent carbonation bubble level there. The aroma is much like a sweet IPA. There is a piney earthy note with a sweet scent of some honey. Not much hops on the nose. At first Lovecraft Honey Ale has a sweet taste but very quickly turns bitter and piney as it passes over the back of your mouth. Not a good taste if you as me. There is a slight malted note on the very end but nothing to help with the bitterness. The mouth feel is medium with a bitter somewhat malted finish. Aftertaste is bitter with no sweetness from the honey. I found this beer to be not good and to bitter overall. Narragansett Lovecraft Honey Ale gets a D-. The sweet flavor from the honey is only present for a very short while and there is too much hop bitterness to this with not enough malt flavors to balance it out. It’s more hop bitterness than anything else and I was not expecting it to be like that. This Lovecraft Honey Ale sounds better than it taste. I could not finish all sixteen ounces of this. I wouldn’t really recommend Narragansett Lovecraft Honey Ale to anyone nor would I try it again. It’s to bitter with not enough malt or honey sweetness. Cheers! Please enjoy Responsibly!

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