Sunday, January 25, 2015

Evil Twin Brewing Yin & Yang

The Oxford companion to be defines Black and Tan to be a beer cocktail composed of on part bitter, amber ale, pale, or pale lager and one part stout or porter. It is traditionally poured at the bar so that the two beers layer, often with darker beer in the top half of the glass. “Black and Tan” is also a term used by more than a dozen US breweries for bottled products that consist of similar blends. But Yin & Yang, 10.0% ABV isn’t from The USA but rather Denmark and is brewed by Evil Twin Brewing. Evil Twin Yin & Yang is blended from 33% Yin, an American double or imperial stout and 67% Yang, and American double or imperial IPA. Evil Twin does brew Yin by itself as well as Yang. Evil Twin Yin & Yang pours a deep black color with a one and a half light brown fizzy head that quickly dissipates into a nice ring around the edge. I found no light coming through no did I see any carbonation bubbles through the dark black color of this beer. The aroma on this is a big roasted brunt scent with the faintest earthy scent. Yin & Yang has more of a big stout aroma to it than a big IPA, but the IPA aroma and scent are still there just barely. Yin & Yang’s taste is slightly sweet at first then you get a slightly faint earthy pine bitterness quickly fallowed by a big burnt bitter taste on the end. The mouth feel is full and has a bitter burnt finish with a little bitter malt aftertaste with the slightest touch of earthy flavors. Overall I found this beer to be okay not good not great but not so bad. So I would rate this a C-. The way Yin & Yang tastes at the end was where it fell short. I didn’t like the burnt taste at the end. The IPA bitterness was a bit much with the stout bitterness but not overly bitter though. It was more of an unpleasant bitterness than in in your face bitterness. I like dark IPA’s but this was I guess too different from that and from a true “black and tan”. I wouldn’t have this again for a long while nor would I recommend Evil Twin Brewing Yin & Yang. Yin & Yang was not as good as I though it was going to be. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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