Monday, March 28, 2016

Abita Brewing Company Louisiana Spiced Ale

There are so many different beers out there these days and some are DIFFERENT. All the different ingredients that are being used to brew a beer are so different than what was being used forty, thirty or even twenty years ago. Some of them can be good while others not so much. I found this recently, Abita Brewing Louisiana Spiced Ale, 5.2% ABV. This spiced ale is brewed with hints of celery, paprika, lemon peel, bay leaves, and a pinch of cayenne as well as hopped with Cascade hops. So the idea is to make a beer that is similar in quality of a Crawfish boil. Well this beer pours a hazy golden color with a big hat of white foam up top. The aroma is somewhat like a crawfish boil, but it’s a subtle aroma. Taste is good as it washes over the front of the tongue but it slowly gets bitter in the middle then bites with a lemon hop bitterness at the end. I taste the bay leaves, paprika and the cayenne on this but the Cascade hops muted all that a bit. There is a lot of different flavors going on in the beer, a lot of taste for ones taste buds. The mouth feel is medium with a spiced finish. Now the after taste was a somehow meaty which I enjoyed, and it lingered there for a nice while. That after taste is what I can imagine eating a beef bullion cube would be like. I'd say that Abita’s Louisiana Spiced ale is C+. The aftertastes brings it to a +. The general taste on this beer is just C. So over all it’s a C+. I think that there’s a lot of ingredients in this beer and that kind of make it too complex. It all sounds better on paper that it actually taste, but not bad though, and interesting too. Abita Louisiana Spiced Ale is interesting enough for me to tell you to go and try it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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