Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boulevard BrewingCompany Tell-Tale Tart

There are beers out there that don’t fall under a specific style. Some may fall under two or more styles. That is what makes beer interesting. Boulevard Brewing Company Tell-Tale Tart, 6.2% ABV, which the name derives it’s name from Edger Allen Poe’s classic tale of madness and murder. This is a slightly sour ale Boulevard states on the label.  Tell-Tell Tart pours sort of a clean copper color with a slightly fizzy two finger head that fizzes away at a steady but quicker pace with very little left behind. The aroma is tart with fruitiness, more along the lines of an apple or pear. Tell-Tale Tart is what the name implies, tart. But it’s tart like an apple or pear and I found it not to be as tart as Boulevard would suggest it to be. Not much else is going on with the taste, which the subtle tartness covers over. The mouth feel is light and this beer finish slightly tart and with a little fruitiness. Which does carry over to the after taste with the faintest of pear. I have had similar beers and now that I’ve had Tell-Tale Tart isn’t as good as others. I give it a C-. If you want a better but similar beer then go for Bell’s Oarsman. Tell-Tale Tart was sort of okay yet refreshing, but I think it need to just take everything up one notch to get it to be better. If I haven’t had Bell’s Oarsman before I ever had Tell-Tale Tart this post might be different. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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