Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sycamore Brewing Southern Girl American Blonde Ale

It is always cool to drink beer from a brewery that brews in your own town. It makes you feel good know that the beer you are having is brewed in the same place that you work, live and play in. This is a Sycamore Brewing Southern Girl American Blonde Ale, 5.1% ABV. This is one of three beers to be first canned by Sycamore here in Charlotte, NC. Southern Girl is brewed with Heirloom Barley and unique hop variety. This is one of their year-round offerings. Southern Girl pours a crisp golden color with a fizzy one finger white head that fizzy away rather quickly with nothing left behind. The aroma is pretty straightforward. It’s amore is much like any other Blonde Ale, there is a crisp aroma of subtle barley with a like cracker scent. Nothing out of the ordinary stands out here. The taste on Southern Girl is slightly crisp and clean up front with a subtle but faint apple in the middle of the mouth with a bite of a bitterness on the end that isn’t pleasant, but not terrible. The short summery on the side of this tall blue-green can make this beer sound better then it actually is. The mouth feel is light and crisp with a slight bitter finish and an after taste of bland cracker a faint bitterness. Over all this beer fell short of what I was expecting so this Sycamore Brewing Southern Girl American Blonde Ale is a D+. It was the bitter bite at the end that really made the beer no so great. It was average tasting until the end then just when downhill. I also thought the hint of apple described on the side was more of low, faint whisper and wasn’t there. I will say that this beer is easy to drink. But that is all I can say in favor of this beer. It is not terrible it is just not good. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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