Sunday, March 13, 2016

Terrapin Beer Co. Single Origin Coffee Stout Sumatra Wahana Natural

I enjoy coffee and I love beer, so that means I love to enjoy coffee beer. Yes I do! This Terrapin Beer Co. Single Origin Coffee Stout Sumatra Wahana Natural. That is a long name for beer. I have received this beer from Brewpublik ( This Terrapin beer is part of a small series off Coffee Stouts where there are four packs or four differ coffee stouts. Each has the same stout base but uses a different verity of coffee in each from a different farm. This verity is Sumatra from Sidikalang, Indonesia in the Sumatra providence. This Single Origin pours a pitch-black color with a thin dark brown one-finger head that fade and fizzes away rather quickly not leaving much lacing behind. The aroma is very roasted with coffee and an almost burnt coffee smell. Now to the taste, well it is a little better than it smells, first up front you get a nice roasted flavor with a subtle sugary taste with a faint cinnamon flavor then in the middle you get a big coffee bitterness that hits your taste buds a little hard and on the end you get some bittersweet notes that fade away fast. The mouth feel is heavy on this one; it coats the mouth a bit with a bitter coffee finish and bitter roasted notes. The after taste is bitter with roasted coffee and is slightly unpleasant. I didn’t hate this beer, it was a little too bitter too soon. So I am give this Terrapin Single Origin Coffee Stout a C. Now the bitterness on this was a big factor for this beer it didn’t help it but it was so terrible that it made it really bad. It was okay at best. It is great idea behind this beer though. I though that part of this beer was cool. But it lost me some on taste. I would say that you should try this, but there are beer coffee beers out there. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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