Monday, March 28, 2016

Fortnight Brewing Company & Brewpublik Dry Irish Stout

It has been a while since the last post here but after a vacation services resume as normal. There is a concept in the beer brewing industry where two breweries come together and create a beer, collaboration if you will. But I haven’t seen collaboration between on e brewery and a beer sales and delivery servicer before that is until now. Fortnight Brewing Company in Cary, North Carolina. A man from the United Kingdom started this brewery. The Fortnight Brewing Company came together with Brewpublik ( that a person can select the amount of beer, type, and location to be hand selected then delivered in a handcrafted wooden crate each mouth. The beer that these two have collaborated on is Dry Irish Stout, 4.8% ABV.  This pours a pitch-black color with a tall rocky tan/beige head that pops and fizzes away slowly into decent lacing through out the glass. Not much on the aroma but a faint roasted note that is a bit similar to a regular coffee. Roasted barley is used here on this Stout. I found the taste to be a little week, I did barely get some chocolate and coffee but it was just flat and bit week, a little disappointing. The mouth feel is slightly full with a thin dry finish of chocolate with some faint coffee. There wasn’t much to any after taste just dryness. Fortnight Brewing Company and Brewpublik Dry Irish Stout get D. It was way to plain tasting and not enough of roasted, coffee or chocolate flavor I was hoping for. That held it back. I was hoping for more out of these two. It was bit of a let down. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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