Monday, March 14, 2016

Full Sail Pilsner, Cascade Pilsner

Pilsner is one of the oldest beer style in the world, comes from Plzen or Pilsen in English and German which in the Czech Republic. The Czechs drink more beer than anyone else. Maybe it's is their countries pastime! This is a widely popular style of beer around the world. I have here Full Sail Pilsner, Cascade Pilsner, 6.0% ABV from Hood River Oregon. I have received this beer from Brewpublik ( This brewer has been in the brewing business since 1987. Their Pilsner is brewed with Cascade hops which are grown in that area of Oregon under and around Mt Hood. Now that you had a biology/botany lesson lets see what’s what with this Pilsner. Full Sail Pilsner pours a brilliant clear and clean golden color with a gleaming white two finger head that slowly fads into white bubbles leaving behind thin but bright lacing. The aroma has a slight subtle hop note to it that is like the faintest of IPAs. I also found a slight basicity flavor on the aroma that was hiding around the hoppy note. Taste on this pilsner is clean and refreshing at first, but as it washes over the middle of your tongue it gets a little hoppy and somehow bitter, but just a little to much. When it the flavor crosses over onto the back of your mouth the bitterness picks up just a little, being more noticeable. The mouth feel is light and refreshing with a little subtle bitter twinge of a finish. But the after taste lingers around with bitterness and this is where this Full Sail Pilsner falls off. The bitterness is coming from the use of Cascade Hops. That for me is not what I like in pilsner. So that will give this beer a C-. I think that the finish and the lingering after taste took this beer that started out well and made it not so good. I am not sure how much Cascade Hops were used in the brewing of this Pilsner but maybe they should use less and it might make this Full Sail beer better. This one wasn’t bad it but was not good. So less then average you could say and I know Full Sail can brew great beer, their Session Black is one excellent example. For a good example of a Pilsner try Foothills Brewing Torch Pilsner. This Full Sail Pilsner isn’t one I’d recommend. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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