Wednesday, August 29, 2012

21st Amendment Bitter American

The 21st Amendment brewer has such eye catching designs all over they're beer cans. This is the one with the monkey Astronut in space on it. Kind of cool. But they may just be why someone would by this off the shelf. Bitter American is a pale ale Session beer, that is on the opposite of the alcohol spectrum from the strongest beer out there. This style is generally lower in alcohol strength about 5.1% or lower and can be any style. This American Bitter is 4.4% abv, and pours a lighter amber color with a simi thin white head that fades a bit fast. This beer has a strong bitter scent to it with lost of wooded scents, such as pine, grass, wet leafs, and pine straw and a little bit of orange peal. I felt as I was camping, I don't like camping. American bitter has a big bitterness up front when it hits the inside of your mouth. But it is a crisp light bitterness, this beer isn't heavy. This is mildly bitter over all in the taste. This beer finishes nice, bitter, and a little crisp. To the average beer drink this isn't one to try, but for a beer nerd or hop head, yes you should or have tried this monkey. I like this one but not soo much. It is something I can drink and to get to drunk with it. Nice, somewhat crisp and refreshing. Would I have this again, yes, I would. if you're a hop lover, then try this. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

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