Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fynsk Väbryg

This a local Danish beer that I found a very nice local inn/restaurant on the way from Copenhagen to Ry Denmark. Not mush is really known about the brewer but I did find out that is local and is in a farm town.This beer is around 7% ABV, but doesn't really taste or feel quite that strong, this taste more along the 6% ABV range. That's is a good thing about it, kind of. Don't want to tipsy and all. This brew pours a nice rich lovely amber copper color with a very white head that is just wonderful, I had to take a few minutes to look at the beauty of this beer. When I put this to my nose I found a nice aroma of freshly ripe and crisp apples surrounded by a nice floral scent. I really enjoyed the scents and aromas of this, very pleasing. Upon tasting this wonderful brew I found that wonderful crisp ripe apple, but it had a bit of a wine taste to it that was quite good, very pleasing on my pallet. There is also a very very tiny trace of hops there but to the average beer drink you'd never know they're even there. The finish is more wine like and less apple but the wonderful apple is still present only less. Overall I find this local Danish delight to be fabulous. This Danish brew tasted and felt a little more upscale that the usual beer, classy you could say. I really loved this and would take a long while before I had another of these (doesn't even cross the pond). You'd never find one in the USA, and I am not sure how hard of easy this would be to fin even in Denmark, because as I said earlier this a local beer. You know that here local beer can be the best beer. I love local beers because it gives you a taste of the local brewing scene, and to me that is wonderfully cool. Yes you can go to another country and have the 'national beer' but that is probably imported into the USA. So when you go to another part the country or to another country drink local and enjoy, it's FUN! Cheers! Please dink responsibly!

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