Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aass Stout

I have known about Aass (pronounced like horse)  Bryggeri (brewery in Norwegian) very quite a while now and was delighted to finally get to drink one in Norway no less, how cool is that! Here is the stout that they brew, 4.7% ABV. It looked so so good once I poured in to a glass. I has drooling at the sight of this wonderful look beer. Aass Stout poured a rich black color with a thick tan/beige head that just kept on going for days. I have to say this is a most handsome brew. WOW! Anyway, there was plenty of roasted malt tones with  nice coffee scent that was oh so good and inviting. There is a slight bitter scent but that was barely there, it was an okay scent. On to the good part here, the taste, which is of roasted malt with a very small hint of smoked malts. Very nice and subtle flavors all around this great beer. There was a slight bitterness but none unpleasant or over powering. All and all great tasty flavors to this. The aftertaste is rich creamy with hints of roasted malts with nice coffee notes and tiny amounts of bitterness, but goes down good. Yes this is heavey like most stouts but not so heavy you can have a nice snack or meal with this. I had a great salmon with great people in a great country. So yes, a meal can be had with this Aass Stout. I love a stouts. They make you feel all warm and happy inside, and the is exactly how this made me feel. But some stouts can be over bitter, sour, way to heavy in you stomach and have a high ABV percentage. This wasn't much of any of those things. Great tasting stout and well brewed. Now finding this here in the USA, I have never seen one or any Aass Bryggeri beers before. But I am going to ask around and see what I come up with a report back on what I do  find out. But I will search for the next brew and blog all about it. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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