Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Howdy beer lovers, I have found the Shiner family reunion verity pack to be very interesting. It has a few of they're brew packed inside. One of the beer they offer in this is Kosmos Reserve 5.2% abv. Named for it brewing founder Komos Spoetzl, born in Bavaria. This is a Aromatic dry hopped lager. Dry hopping is where hops are added into the beer after the boil and fermentation phase. Hoppy beer loves consider it a desirable feature. This beer pours a clear red to amber like color with a medium (one and half finger) white head. This hoppy beer has a few floral scents, slight grass and pine. I also found a little caramel, but in the back was a faint scent of tree sap, but very faint. Now this beer had a taste of caramel and a nice hop note that was right on the back caramel flavor. I would not say that this is a big hoppy beer, but it has a nice medium hoppy presence to satisfy a mild hoppy beer lover. The finish is nice crisp still a bit hoppy, but low and this was sightly refreshing. I liked this but didn't love it. It was average. I find  some what most of Shiner beers to be average, some are great. I give this a C. I would have this again, just not to soon. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!    

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