Saturday, August 18, 2012

Samuel Smith's Organic Apricot Ale

Generally when you think about England, Great Britain few things come to mind, soccer, The Queen, cricket, and bitter ale. But you certainly don't think of fruit ale like this. But yes they do brew and drink this in England. This come from the Melbourn brothers tiny brewery in time warped Stamford. using old manually operated brewing equipment. Yes I have blogged on they're other wonderful fruit ales before. But I think this is the best one of the lot. I have only seen this (and all of the other fruit ales) in this 1pt 2.7fl oz bottle. This apricot pours a nice orange color, similar to a wiezen beer with a thick rocky white head. What a wonderful head this has. You get so much fruity aroma upon this. Lots of apricot scents that are mildly sweet. This Sam'l Smith reminds me of fruit juice when I take in it's scent and aromas. The taste of this is sweet smooth and filled with depths of nice apricot with just a tiny fade of a tartness towards the end. Very nice on the taste and very pleasant. This is good and refreshing. Now the finish a step down on sweetness but just as good with a more present tartness that finishes just as smooth and refreshing as the start. Until I had any of Sam'l Smith Organic Fruit ales I would have never know that this was a thing had in G.B. or how tasty this really is. I am glad I did, and this Organic Apricot ale is the best in my book. Good job! Well brewed! I will continue to have this. I didn't really find this to be overly sweet like the cheery or the raspberry. Apricot in a liquid form isn't as sweet and therefor this beer doesn't come off as overly sweet or just to sweet. In my opinion this is just right and taste great. Find out for yourself and see just how good this really is, cause it is! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!            

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