Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harpoon Brewery UFO Gingerland

I’ve had ginger beer but never had gingerbread beer. This gingerbread style of beer isn’t a common style but there are some out there. Some gingerbread beers are stouts, porters, dark lagers, pumpkin, or even wheat beers. This is Harpoon Brewery UFO Gingerland, 5.2% ABV. UFO is a line of Harpoon that means UnFiltered Offering. These beers are usually wheat beers, as most are unfiltered. Harpoon claims Gingerland a gingerbread inspired beer. Gingerland pours a hazy pumpkin orange color with a one and a quarter finger of white head that fades quickly. I didn’t see much light coming through this beer but I did see a nice amount of carbonation. The aroma is like a cookie with a light gingerbread spice. I didn’t find much else on the aroma. The taste is a winter taste with a nice gingerbread spice up front with a little light wheat in the middle with a light touch of gingerbread in at the end that fade quickly. The mouth feel is medium with a nice sweet finish. The after taste is faint with gingerbread but there is a wheat spice that is right along side it. Harpoon UFO Gingerland is not bad, so this gets a B-. I did enjoy this but I think it would be a bit better if it were just bit sweeter, but not a lot. What I did taste was good. And the wheat flavors didn’t over power the gingerbread spice and vice versa. It has a good balance of flavors. So go and try Harpoon Brewery UFO Gingerland! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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