Monday, March 23, 2015

Starr Hill Reviver Red IPA

I’ve said before that they are many different beers styles out there, but each style of beer has a few sub-styles. Like IPA has black IPA, Red IPA, American IPA, Euro IPA, Belgian IPA, East Coast/West Coast USA IPA, Double/Imperial IPA, Brown IPA, fruit IPA and single hop IPA. Here is on example Starr Hill Reviver Red IPA, 6.2%. Reviver pours a medium reddish color with a one finger white head that fades quickly into decent lacing on the glass. I found very little to no light coming through with some carbonation bubbles but you’d have held the beer to the light to really see them. The aroma is nice with sweet fruity malts. I found there to be nice tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. I also found nice citrus grapefruit, orange and a bit of lemon with a nice sweet grassy pine scent with a touch of faint dark fruit. The taste on Reviver is not unlike it aroma. There is nice flavorful mango, touches of pineapple with citrus grapefruit and orange that mingles with a bit of a grassy piney lemon with a hint of an earthy, malty sweet, hop bitterness that isn’t overly bitter or hoppy. The mouth feel on Reviver is medium with a nice smooth bitter fruit finish. The after taste is like a hop covered in tropical and citrus fruit that leaves a lingering malty sweet bitterness on the back of your tongue. This is a surprisingly good beer; I wasn’t expecting it to be as good. I was thinking it was good to be good but not like I this. I give Starr Hill Reviver Red IPA and A+. This beer has a great balance between the hop flavor, the fruitiness and the malt flavors. It doesn’t have an intense bitterness to it, and the malt backbone does a nice job of controlling that. I do recommend trying Starr Hill Reviver Red IPA. So do it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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