Monday, March 16, 2015

Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait

One of my favorite styles of beer the Wheat beer is also the first style I tied when I was getting into beer. This style is probably one of the most popular styles out there. Well at least that is what I believe. Wheat style has a few sub styles such as dunkle, bock, and hefe, unfiltered, and filtered. This beer before us is Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait Wheat Beer with mango juice, 5.3% ABV. Miami Brewing Co. is a relatively new brewery. There have been around since only 2011. Miami brewing isn’t located in Miami but they aren’t to far from it in Homestead Florida. Shark Bait pours a bright gold color with an almost one finger head the really dissipates quickly. I found plenty of light streaming through the glass with lots of great carbonation bubbles. The aroma on Shark Bait is nice with a fun bubble gum scent. I guess that is the combination of wheat and mango juice. The taste is much the same with a nice bubble gum flavor with faint wheat notes and a little mango, but mostly I get bubble gum through out. This Shark Bait Wheat Beer is refreshing with a light mouth feel. The finish is smooth and sweet with a bubble gum flavor. The after taste is a little fruit with tropical mango and still bubble gum but a little lighter than before. I really enjoy Miami Brewing Shark Bait Wheat Beer It’s a solid A. I liked the mixture of wheat and mango and the bubble gum flavor that I got off it. That was great and interesting. There is nothing I could find wrong with this beer. I recommend trying Miami Brewing Co. Shark Bait Wheat Beer. Go and try it for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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