Friday, October 21, 2016

Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Octoberfest Lager

I like a good Octoberfest Lager, it the only style that appears in stores in October that I actually do like. The German’s brew some wonderfully taste Octoberfest or Fest beers, and so do some American brewers or craft beer brewers. I have from Brewpublik ( Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Octoberfest Lager, 6.2% ABV. Great Divide is a quite popular brewery in Denver Colorado, which is a popular beer/craft beer town. The Blue Moon Brewing Company is there down in the Rockies Baseball Park. The even have the GABF, Great American Brewing Festival every year where different beers and breweries are judged and awarded metals for different things. But anyhow, Hoss pours a deep orange color with a tight silky white one and a half finger head. Aroma on Hoss is on the sweeter side of the malt scale. There is a slight marten quality to the aroma, but I think there isn’t any marzen used on Hoss. Taste is at fist sip pretty good, but as it passes over more of your tongue towards the middle it become thicker, but there is nice sweeter flavors from the malts with faint hints of a bready flavor, but most of that is masked by the sweeter malts. The mouth feel is on the fuller side. I think its thick. Hoss has a thick cloying finish that is somewhat sweet and a thick full but faintly sweet aftertaste. Hoss is not overly sweet by any means; it has a nice balance of sweetness. I give Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Octoberfest Lager a D+. It has a thick mouth feel that is like medicine, not in flavor but in mouth feel. It just takes over your mouth. That brought it down. Still Hoss is somewhat drinkable, but not enough to make me what to have another or to recommend this to you. So no don’t try it for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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