Thursday, October 27, 2016

Westbrook Brewing Co. White Thai

Here is the first of The Best of the Mixed Six-Pack, Westbrook White Thai, 5.0% ABV. This brewery is out of Mt. Pleasant South Carolina down very near to Charleston SC. I have previously review other Westbrook beers and have had their White Thai before thought, I really should review this beer, and here it is. White Thai is inspired by flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine and is a twist on the classic witbier style. Westbrook has added fresh lemongrass, ginger root, and a dash of Sorachi Ace (a Japanese hop with flavors of citrus and dill, used mainly in IPAs and Saisons) hops instead of the traditional coriander and orange peel.  White Thai pours a hazy yellow color with a cloud white two finger head that dissipates into nice lacing. The aroma is reminiscent of some Asian dishes. There is nice lemon grass, a bit of citrus, hints of faint dill and nice ginger on the nose.  Taste is on the bolder side with a lemon candy and some nice citrus fruit with touches of semi faint ginger, and the ginger flavor strengthens as it washes over the back of the tongue. The mouth feel is medium to heavy with a nice sweet wheat finish and an aftertaste of lemon candy coated in some ginger, but as that aftertaste fades you get a touch more citrus fruit. Overall this was pretty good, and I say it is a B. Slightly bolder on the flavor for a beer you want to have a few of, like three or four of. I can have just about two, but that has nothing to do with the way the flavor taste. It’s more of the heaviness of the beer. I found it to be a bit heavier than other witbiers, but still something that everyone would enjoy, just not a lot, a few maybe. But Westbrook Brewing Co. White Thai is a solid tasting beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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