Saturday, October 15, 2016

LBC Lynnwood Brewing Concern Hop On Top American IPA

The American IPA style is a board style that covers west coast, east coast, New England, and/or any IPA using American hops. The most popular is and has been the west coast IPA, with its more tropical bitter bright flavor. But the east coast or New England has been growing in popularity recently. That is do to the fact that every brewery is producing east coast IPAs and the English malt that is used in brewing New England IPAs is a bit more expensive. The LBC, Lynnwood Brewing Concern in Raleigh North Carolina produces Hop On Top American IPA, 7.0% ABV and 55 IBU. This is their west coast IPA. Hop On Top American IPA pours a medium copper orange color with a three-finger white head that very slowly fades into very nice thick lacing. The aroma is a citrusy with grapefruit faint orange with a stronger pine scent. Taste is fruity with the grapefruit up front and little faint orange in the middle with a more pungent pine flavor on the end. Hop On Top finishes piney with nice bitterness that leaves a big piney earthy after taste that becomes quite piney as it lingers a while in your mouth, and especially in the back of your throat.  Well the piney finish and after taste are just a little to piney but that doesn’t kill this beer overall. I give Lynnwood Brewing Concern Hop On Top American IPA a B-. I found it drinkable yet a little refreshing but it loose a little of the refreshing qualities towards the end. But I still think it’s not a bad IPA. Could use just a bit of work to make it into a great IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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