Monday, October 17, 2016

Southern Tier Brewing Company Taniger Session IPA

I probably have reviewed a few beers from Southern Tier Brewing Company before most with dismal reviews. But I have found this from Southern Tier out of Lakewood, New York, Tangier, 4.6% ABV. This is a session IPA brewed with tangerine peels. Now this is a popular type of beer to brew right now, call it a trend if you will, a trend that I see slowing down in popularity. This is due to the over brewing of IPA with some sort of fruit in it, everyone is brewing at least one. Tangier pours a light gold orange color with a two finger bright white head. The aroma is on the more faint side with tangerine and slight bitterness. Taste is a little tangerine candy like at first with a slight bitterness following that. The bitterness does stick to your mouth and really coats it. The mouth feel is light with a slight bitter fruit finish and a lighter bitter aftertaste, but none to strong. I rather enjoyed this; I didn’t think I would. With that said I give this a B-. The tangerine is slightly bitter and adding that to even more slight bitterness is not so enjoyable but it is okay. Yes this beer is drinkable and refreshing with not so strong IPA or tangerine flavors. I kind of would recommend this, but I wouldn’t run to Southern Tier Brewing Company Tangier. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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