Monday, October 24, 2016

Terrapin Beer Co. Single Origin Coffee Stout Ethiopia Hambela

I wonder what was going on when the first person decided to put coffee in a stout, and how that idea came about. I mean coffee and beer are a bit common these days but I bet it was pretty strange back before the idea of brewing a coffee stout was ever though of. I rather enjoy a nice coffee stout, it melds pretty well together if the beer is brewed well. Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens Georgia has a four pack of stouts and each is brewed with same stout base but with different distinct single origin coffees from around the world in each. The coffee comes from Jittery Joes, and Nugget hops, 2-Row, Crystal 85, Flaked Barley, Flacket Oats, Chocolate, Blackprinz, Midnight Wheat, Black and Roasted Barley. I have reviewed one form this series a while back. This Stout is Ethiopia Hambela, 5.7% ABV. Ethiopia Hambela pours a thick black color with a thin beige head that quickly fades into some slight lacing within the glass. Aroma is roasted with earthy notes along with a faint berry note. Taste is very coffee like, with nice earthy roasted notes and some strawberry jam, vanilla and the faintest of melon. Ethiopia Hambela finishes nicely with a slight bitter note and some roast as the vanilla fades and leads into an aftertaste reminiscent of fresh brewed coffee with touches of a faint fruity earthy flavor. This was a good one, and with that I give this a B. Not the top of the chart good but well brewed and well balanced, and not overwhelming with the stout or the coffee aspects. But I am not a big fan of Ethiopian coffee so that holds it grade down a bit, but not killing it too the bad grades. If you like coffee and you like beer then you should try Terrapin Beer Co. Single Origin Coffee Stout Ethiopia Hambela. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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