Friday, September 14, 2012

Bell's Oberon Ale

Here we have Bell's Brewery beer. The Bell's brewery is quit popular, they are in Comstock Michigan. I am reviewing this because I received an email from Manny Brito from Florida asking my thoughts on this, but I told that I had it a while back, and I that I would have to properly review this, and I am now. So Manny hope you enjoy this review. This Oberon Ale is a 5.8% ABV american wheat ale summer seasonal. I rather like wheat ales. They can be really refreshing and a great style. Oberon pours a rich orange color, a bit hazy, with half to almost on finger with head that faded rather quick. This does have nice lacing to it, but not a whole lot. The lacing does come and go as you get toward the bottom of the bottom of the glass, it isn't there all the way though the drinking. I fond a big orange scent, but not really the normal orange scent, it was more of spicy, peppery orange, orange rind or clementine scent. First taste is the sweet orange and the slight pepper spice flavor. But followed right behind that there is a very slight spicy hop note they that was a bit unexpected and a somewhat not so good, but that didn't really bother me so much. The hop not here is in no way Pale Ale or and IPA like. Not bad, just not expected and not as good as I hoped. This has a medium mouth feel overall, not to bad. The finish is a little less hoppy, spicy and more sweet citrus orange to it but you do get more of the alcohol on the end but nothing overly alcoholic, Oberon ale has a low abv%. The finish is nice, refreshing, and good. I would give this a B-, just because it had more spicy flavor to it, and the wheat here is on the lower flavor side. But whenever I review any sort of wheat beer I have thought of the best German wheats in the back of my mind. I guess I compair them to a true highly rated German wheat beers. Kind of not so fair, but this Bell's is not bad. I would have this again, somewhat soon but not too soon. I didn't love this but I liked just finen, B- overall from me and The Best Beer Blog. If you want an A+ wheat beer try any Ayinger wheat beer, Weizen-Bock is the best! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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