Monday, September 3, 2012

Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale

Here we have yet another fabulous Samuel Smith beer, this being they're nut brown ale 5.0% ABV. I had this down in Folly Beach South Carolina at a wonderful craft beer bar there, The Folly Beach Brewing Company. Please check it out and see how great of a place it is. Bog post to come soon on that bar. England is well known for brewing this mildly dark style or beer.  This style, English brown ale,  is brewed using English and Noble hops. This here is a prime example of that. This brown ale pours a rich brown to a chestnut brown  color almost black with a a thick bright two fingered white head. Very pleasing to look at in a glass. Sexy even. I get a big rich nutty scent on this with a nice hit of coco or chocolate but not a lot of chocolate scent just a little. This brown's nutty aroma had a bit of a rasteds nut to it as well that was a reminder of roasted chestnuts. Again a very pleasant scent. Now the taste has a nutty flavor that is smooth rich and velvety with a slight hint of coco and chocolate. This Sam'l Smith is smooth, easy to drink. This has a nice mildly sweet taste as well that does not over power your taste buds. It's just right in my mind. The finish is nice and smooth with a nice nuttiness that is has a touch of roasted chocolate that is faint but present. Over all this Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale is very well done and very delicious. I would most certainly have this again real soon. I give this an A. Very well done, very good. You should go out and try this NOW! Cheers! Please drink Responisbly!

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