Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Well I seem to have found yet another summer brew in my fridge, and this one I bought, I bought just one twelve oz for a beer tasting on wheat beer I did last spring for my family this past spring. This one was one of the left overs. Samuel Adams is a much larger well known craft brewery in Boston MA. Most of their beers a middle of the road and average. This is their summer ale 5.3% ABV, is a wheat ale brewed with lemon peal and grains of paradise. This ale pour almost a deep orange hazy like color with a half to one finger white head that disappears quickly and leaves some to little lacing. There is a nice amount of carbonation with this ale. There is a big lemon scent all over this with slight hints of grains almost like a plane cereal smell. The smell on this was a bit sour like and not so pleasing. The taste of the summer ale is a huge bitter lemon with very week to almost no wheat flavor, at first. But then there is less sourness to the lemon as hits the back of your tongue, with a little more wheat flavors, but none to good. The finish on this is plane overly lemony but not a great lemon. It's kind of off on the whole lemon flavor. This Sam Adams is a bit crisp until you get to the lemon. I think this is just way to average and somewhat not as good as it sounds, much like most Sam Adams beers. But I have to give credit where credit is do, they are pretty creative, experimental and crafty on there beers, and they can be quite interesting. But over all not so good. I am not a big fan or Sam Adams and their beers. I would give this a D+. This summer ale isn't the worst thing I've ever had, I mean I did finish this. There are much better summer beers out there, like Shiner Ruby Redbird, which I have reviewed all ready and is a very delicious tasting beer and very well brewed. I don't think I will be have this Sam Adams Summer Ale again, maybe way way into the future I mighty. I do not recommend this at all But yes there are much better summer beers are out there go forth and find, and try them. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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